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Integrated Acupuncture

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I practise both five element acupuncture and TCM, sometimes combining them or sometimes separately; whatever I am called on to do. Acupuncture cultivates our own inner doctor. By using fine needles, acupuncture activates your own innate power to heal and find equilibrium within your system. For this reason acupuncture is used for a wide range of mental and physical issues.Chinese medicine is a complete medical system of which acupuncture is one of the modalities. I do not practise with Chinese herbs but I do use adjuncts to treatment such as cupping and Gua sha (a form of Chinese massage). 

 But how does it work?


Chinese medicine theory views our bodily functions as a complete system in which all the organs, tissues, muscular and skeletal structures, emotions and substances, like blood and body fluids, work together to co-create health and wellness. The focus of the acupuncturist is to improve the overall wellbeing of the patient, addressing the root cause of ill health alongside treatment for specific signs and symptoms.

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By using fine needles inserted into acupuncture points, we stimulate meridians or channels that interconnect to organs, tissues and substances deep within the body. There have been many attempts through research to ascertain exactly which mechanism achieves this. However like many areas of all medicine, much of how acupuncture works from an orthodox perspective remains elusive. What we can say is that Chinese medicine is a dynamic medicine capable of initiating and creating significant change in people’s overall health.

What on earth is this mysterious Qi?


In Chinese medicine, the state of one’s health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy or Qi (pronounced chee). Put simply, Qi broadly means how well we fight off infection (immune system), take sufficient strength from our food (gut health), and whether we have enough physical energy to participate in a happy and well-rounded lifestyle (cellular energy and hormones, emotions).

It is the shine in our eyes and the aliveness in our being.

Illness is understood to arise when this natural flow of Qi or energy interactions be it tendons, blood or bones become compromised as a result of various lifestyle factors including emotional states, stress, diet, overwork, family health, weather conditions, infections and injuries. By treating the whole person, body and mind, the principle aim of acupuncture is to recover a healthy and natural balance between the physical and emotional self, supporting the person to move towards their utmost health.

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