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"Nothing you become will disappoint me. I have no preconceptions that I would like to see you be or do."

Mary Haskell

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Life happens to all of us. Sometimes all that is needed is time and space to think more clearly. Or perhaps you notice that the same patterns are playing out time and time again, and you’d like to explore this further. It isn’t always easy to know how to feel better and that is where the therapeutic relationship is so important. Together we work with curiosity and kindness, to integrate all the parts of you. Creating a space where your own wisdom and knowing can emerge.


Starting where we are, we seek to learn about our reactions and our challenges in life. How do I inhabit this body? How am I moving through the world? Where am I stuck? What is difficult? What do I want? Together we use compassion as a gentle guide, to increase our awareness and to help deepen our living experience. Our key intention in any therapy is to find enough contentment, creativity and aliveness so that you can feel better and even celebrate life.


I will provide you with an informal and relaxed space to talk freely. A place to experience being heard and held in mind in an embodied way.


I am a UKCP Psychotherapist in Training with the Karuna Institute. I have worked therapeutically for over 25 years in numerous capacities from nursing, counselling, support and youth work including many years as an acupuncturist, mentor, teacher. Psychotherapeutic process has been the pinnacle in my own development and I believe it is a great resource in finding the luminosity of our inner and outer world. 



Core Process Psychotherapy is a UKCP, level 7 accredited Integrative, humanistic and compassion focused model. It incorporates recent theories around trauma, attachment, and psychodynamic principles. It is a soulful yet robust approach that integrates neuroscience and western psychotherapeutic ideas with Buddhist concepts and mindfulness. One of the core values within this training is the belief that we each have the capacity for rest, spaciousness, and wisdom. Through this awareness, we can find solitude, contentment and understanding thus becoming our own greatest resource. In spaciousness, our own wisdom and clarity thrive. Underlying this principle is the belief that beyond all our suffering there is a part of us that is unaffected and remains full of our potential to be with whatever is present. Core Process Psychotherapy is grounded in the deep belief that we have an innate health that remains uncontaminated by conditions, patterning and events. This is at the heart of my work. Together we will explore as much or as little that feels right, to find out how your inner world and environment have shaped who you are today and the choices you have made. This type of therapy illuminates the unconscious, so that we can have more agency in our lives. It transforms relationships, first with ourselves and then with others.

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Research suggests the quality of the therapist and client relationship is the central pivot of any therapeutic process. Therefore it can be useful to know a little bit about each other, and/or equally we could just start where we are. Together we will work on being with whatever arises. The central premise within therapeutic sessions is for us to feel, express and be experienced authentically, and to ultimately find meaning. The intention is to move towards acceptance and compassion, so that we can experience feeling more aligned in our life. Initially, we will set up an environment of safety, empathy and warmth, so that our exploration is held in a mindful and welcoming environment. We can talk about the past or the present; whatever feels relevant to you right now. The sessions are different for everyone, but generally it is a relaxed space to notice your feelings, thoughts and sensations around what we discuss. To do this is to learn the territory of ourselves, so that we can find clarity and wisdom….even joy.


Cost of sessions:

Psychotherapist in Training: sliding scale: £25 - £35.

Online or in the room sessions available.

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UKCP Trainee Therapist

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