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I grew up in New Zealand, with the wild on the outside and the wild on the inside. My early years were spent holding on for dear life to fast moving horses and farm bikes. I had an older brother, several step siblings, a large family dog and life was dynamic. The landscape of New Zealand and Britain invite me to breathe in, like nothing else can. Nature and all of her aliveness are a key part of what I need, how I live and how our therapy might be. 

I live on the edge of a large inner-city green space, with towering oak trees framing my garden as it tips down to the brook. The soft sound of the water gently moving everything on is a deep reminder of the Buddhist principles around impermanence, or as this beautiful quote by writer Finn Bearnes suggests, “There will always be morning again.”  

I have been involved in my own psychotherapy process for a long period of time, simply because I found it brought such value to my life. Psychotherapy and the philosophy of five element acupuncture are both something I feel passionate about. They sit so beautifully together. They both seek to return us to our innate nature, a place where we are unaffected by what life brings. 

I love the sea, gardening, food, art, conversation, and an ordinary life. I am married with two young sons, and so my day-to-day life is a mixture of the professional and scraping the mud off my boots and the sticky dough from my fingers, face, and hair. 

I have had a private acupuncture practice since 2003 and I also work as a clinical supervisor/senior lecturer at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. 

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